Easter Crafting

So for Easter I had lots of fun with the kids dying eggs and decorating them. Then also filling the little eggs and baskets with candy and some toys. These are a few photos of Easter crafting we did.

Dyed some eggs in different colors and then decorated them as little ducklings..They really came out cute! 🙂

IMG_20130327_134826           IMG_20130327_140014

These are plastic eggs with chocolates inside them. The children decorated them with Easter foam stickers and put them inside a little paper basket.



These are plastic eggs decorated as bunnies with pipe cleaners and pom poms as their tails. I added them to their Easter treat bags which were filled with toys, chocolate candy, a bird lollipop, and some more eggs filled with candy.

Easter        2013-03-29 16.51.20

These eggs I decorated with different embellishments…I like how they all turned out!


This one right here is the one I made especially for my special someone 😀 I altered an egg holder that I bought at Target by adding some ribbon, bling bling, and stickers. I added the grass inside it and then the egg to top it off…very awesome…I loved it so much!!

2013-04-02 20.52.16  IMG_20130402_212106

Easter bunny

Altered Valentine’s Mailboxes

I altered a few mailboxes that I bought at Target. They were so fun to alter and I was so happy that they came out better than I had expected. I thought they were such a great Valentine’s gift. I didn’t get to take a close up pic of all but I’ll post 2 of the ones I did.


Close up to my sister-n-laws mailbox.


Close up to my mom’s mailbox


Valentine’s Treat Bags/Boxes and crafts for children

Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays! I really got busy doing a lot of stuff lol. Here are a few pics I took of some of the things I made.

I Love You Chipboard Banner – Got this one from K&Company…very cute


Found a good place to hang it from for the Valentine’s lil party 🙂

2013-02-14 02.10.35


Valentine’s Treat Bags for the group of children at the child care.

Valentine's Treats

Gift Boxes – Made a few of these for family and friends


Pinwheel Spinners – Kids made these to take home for Valentine’s day. Were so fun to make and decorate.


Valentine’s Critters – More fun for kids to make using pom poms for the heads, pipe cleaners for the antennas, construction paper for the hearts or their big feet lol, crazy eyes, and some glitter glue for the noses. They came out very cute.



My Valentine’s Haul!

These past 2 weeks I’ve been going out shopping to Target, Marshalls, Ross, Walmart, & Michaels. I’ve gotten some very awesome deals! I’ve been mostly shopping for Valentine’s crafts & supplies but here and there I’ve bought a few non-valentine’s because sometimes there’s deals that I can’t let pass by. Lol.
Now that I’m stocked up on Valentine’s craft supplies I’m so ready to start crafting for Valentine’s Day. I’m so excited!!! Stay tuned for pictures on my projects! Thank you for reading. 🙂




Busy Holidays..Nice Vacation

Cricut Expression 2

Wow…after the busy holidays, I can now rest a bit lol. These holidays from October – December 2012 were the busiest from any other year for me. Most likely because now that I’m getting craftier I make more decorative stuff and give out more handmade gifts, which I love to do!

On Christmas I had a great time with the family eating all the yummy food and opening presents! I got the best present I could’ve asked for..from my bf! A Cricut Expression 2!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to share all the new things I’ll be creating with that awesome Cricut E2. The one I had was the personal cricut and I always wished I had the 12×12 to make bigger projects and now I’m soooo happy I have this one. Time to sell the personal one..can’t say it’s old because I haven’t used it a lot as I only had 2 cricut cartridges but now that I have the big one, I’ll be buying a few other cricut cartridges as well 🙂

I also went on a vacation with my family for 4 nights/5 days to Vallejo and San Francisco area. We went to Six Flags and San Francisco Zoo while stopping at nearby stores and restaurants. Had a great time but was really really cold out there in the Bay Area. Anyways, even during vacations, I can’t help to stop myself from going shopping for stuff that I can use on my crafting projects! I’m so addictive already!

The following are a few more pictures aside from the ones I’ve already showed previously of some of the stuff I made for Christmas and New Years..

Here are some tissue pom poms I made to hang from the ceiling 🙂

Tissue pom poms

Here are the X-mas cake pops..simple but very yummy lol

X-mas Cake pops

I made this New Year’s Sign in spanish with my new cricut…I love it!! Happy New Year